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Why BeanTree?

Valuable Education
We know that as parents, you have many options for child care. When you come to BeanTree Learning for a tour, we expect that you will notice what we call “The BeanTree Difference.”

The BeanTree Difference

  • Some of our core values are palpable like the sense of family or the joy that permeates all we are. Our values of partnership, expectations, success, and integrity provide the foundation for our campus, our curriculum, our educators and our being.
  • We hire excellent degreed teachers and experienced staff who truly enjoy being with the children. These teachers are degreed and professional. They are mentors for your children and examples of wonderful citizens. They also present curriculum in fun, engaging, and exciting ways.

  • We offer conveniences for parents. We have dance, music, soccer, and gymnastics teachers who come to our campuses so that you don’t have to drive to them. Your tuition includes everything from diapers and bibs to sheets and blankets, which our housekeepers wash daily. Tuition includes two meals and four snacks each day. “Four snacks?” you ask. Yes - morning, mid-afternoon, late-afternoon, and a “take home” snack near the door for the ride home. We are open weekdays from 6:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. offering more convenience when the daily commute is taxing.

  • Attention to the little details. The take home snack is an example of our attention to details. Parents can use this small bag as the little extra incentive needed to get a child to leave her friends and go home. This snack can tide a little person over, preventing a major meltdown while you are trying to get dinner ready. We pay attention to the faces and the lives of our children and their families. The attention to details is why our front door and phones are staffed by directors. They want to be connected to families and “stay in the know” for the well-being of the children and to continue improving our school.