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Mission, Vision, Values

Learning is fun!

Mission Statement

BeanTree’s mission is to prepare our students academically, socially, physically, and emotionally for their future educational and life experiences by providing them interactive, experiential activities and through self-guided and teacher-guided opportunities within a safe, secure, and healthy environment. We are committed to continually evaluating our processes, training our educators, and researching the latest instructional methods in order to support and encourage academic excellence for each of our students.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become and remain the premier school for young children in the nation. We strive to be known for our second-to-none academic programs that are led by uniquely qualified and loving teachers, for our meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with parents, and as a place where teachers can thrive doing what they love. Our vision will be realized when each child who walks through our doors feels valued, treasured, and confident in his or her abilities to do all he or she can imagine.

Our Core Values


Early Childhood WritingWe expect the best and we encourage each person to be their best – from the new teacher to the student who is learning to form letters. We realize that each child is an individual with unique strengths and weaknesses. Our expectations for each child are unique, too. We expect dynamic weekly lesson plans and teachers to be working alongside their students, not monitoring them from afar. “Good enough” is not good enough at BeanTree. We know parents expect a lot from us and we take great pride in delivering.


Nurturing TeachersThe success of BeanTree lies in the partnerships that are formed. As one parent said, our educators are partnering with parents in raising their children. There are vibrant, loving partnerships that are formed in the classrooms between students and teachers and between students themselves. The BeanTree Director Team also partners with every educator, recognizing that the school’s success is dependent on the caliber and concern of our educators.


Inspiring Young Learners How does one define success?
Is it the mom who happily leaves her child at drop-off because he isn’t crying?
Or the dad who peacefully goes through his workday, trusting that his child is being well-cared for and then comes back to find his infant smiling at the end of the day?
Or the first time a child uses the potty?
Is it when a preschooler recognizes the first letter of her name?
Or maybe when a child recognizes that his friend is sad and asks what is wrong?
Is it the educator who is promoted?

How do you define success? We include all these examples in our definition!


Preschool Families We honor, respect, and care for each child and his or her family. Our directors know the name of every child, but also the names of their parents, grandparents, and “loveys” or favorite stuffed animals. Why? Because we are family! Family takes care of family. We care for each child as if he or she was our own. We also take care of our educators, offering them great benefits; this is but one of the reasons our teachers happily stay for many years taking great care of your children.


Happy StudentsIt’s the bright eyes and enthusiastic wave of a toddler who walks by the infant room and sees his former teacher in the window. It’s the infectious giggle of the 4th grade boy who takes a moment to sit on Jennifer Bower’s lap discussing his school day. It’s the friendship that two parents enjoy as they share a cup of coffee in the Welcoming Area. It’s the genuine smile of each BeanTree staff member who warmly greets you in the hallway.


Building Cognitive Skills in Our Infant ProgramWe believe in honesty. We believe in open and frequent communication – from the director who welcomes each family at the door, to the teacher who writes out a Daily Detail sheet for each child, to the director who is present and available to talk with any parent at the end of the day. We believe in admitting mistakes and then developing a plan for preventing the same mistakes in the future. We believe in seeking solutions that benefit everyone involved. We believe in actively and attentively listening. We believe in guarding the trust families place in us when they leave their precious children with us. We believe in integrity.