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Housekeepers Helping to Keep Our School Safe and Clean
Our campus has 2-3 full-time housekeepers. They are our heroes!

Throughout the day, we see them going in and out of the classrooms like busy bees. When a visitor walks into the infant room and says “Wow! It smells so clean in here!” we know it’s because of our housekeepers! When a parent is relieved that she doesn’t have to pack a bib, blanket, sippy cup, and naptime sheets, we remind them to thank the housekeepers! These dedicated individuals wash every piece of linen, every day! They mop, wipe tables, sanitize toys, set up for meals and give our talented teachers the opportunity to use their skills and talents giving children more of their undivided attention.
Does this mean that the children don’t have to help? Absolutely not!

We believe that children need to be given age-appropriate responsibility. So, toddlers learn to wash their hands the correct way. Preschool students are always working on cleaning up their own little messes. PreKindergartners are proud of putting their own sheets on their sleep mats each day! And our fantastic housekeepers take it from there.

In addition to our full-time housekeepers, a professional cleaning company comes in to clean our entire campus each night.

Our housekeepers are part of the BeanTree Difference.