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Classroom Educators

Highly Qualified Teachers Our top-notch educators ARE the BeanTree Difference. They lovingly nurture the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of each child entrusted to their care. Parents often say that the teacher loves each child as if he or she was her own.

We have four types of teachers at BeanTree.

Lead Teachers
Every program has a Lead Teacher. Lead Teachers are responsible for monitoring the day-to-day care and education that your child receives, assisting new families with transitioning into the classroom, providing ongoing communication, and supporting the entire teaching team for their Program.

Classroom Teachers
Teachers are at the heart of the BeanTree Difference. They treasure every child in their care. They celebrate each milestone. They offer suggestions on ways to strengthen those areas that need more attention. They provide opportunities for children to learn important skills. They encourage students to take risks and to learn and grow. They warmly welcome new students to the school, encouraging them to become part of the BeanTree family and helping them to cultivate new friendships within their group. Because of their constant love and support, children become confident learners who are eager to explore and investigate.

Specialty Teachers
Specialty Teachers are an important part of the BeanTree Difference. Beginning at an early age, children have the opportunity to go to music, art, technology, PE, and Spanish classes each day. These subjects are all taught by Specialty Teachers who have Bachelor’s Degrees in their subject areas, Elementary Education, or Early Childhood Education. Specialty Teachers tirelessly develop individualized and fun lesson plans for children of multiple ages, crafting their lessons to apply to children from age two through Kindergarten and School Age. These teachers are passionate about their subjects and thoroughly enjoy the children they welcome each day.

Rotating Teachers
Our rotating teachers play a vital role in our school. They help keep our classroom teachers refreshed and always ready to keep their active students engaged throughout the day! These rotating teachers move throughout all of the classrooms, giving each educator a morning, lunch, and afternoon break. They also stand in for classroom teachers who are planning their curriculum. Much like our specialty teachers, rotating teachers enjoy working with students of every age. Before long, they know each child in the entire school by name. When children move from one classroom to another or when a classroom teacher is on vacation or ill, our rotating teachers are familiar faces who help ease the transition and provide consistency to each child.