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January Catering Menu
Jamie Guida

The January Catering Menu is available here!

Click Here to read the current menu at BeanTree Learning, available for children in Young Toddlers and above.


Taste the Difference! BeanTree menus contain more of the follow healthy menu items:

  • juices that are 100% juice and contain no dyes
  • hormone-free milk
  • ketchup without High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • whole grain pasta
  • whole grain and whole wheat breads
  • organic chicken nuggets
  • antibiotic-free and hormone-free beef and chicken menu items
  • nitrite-free turkey
  • low-fat cheeses
  • all-natural applesauce
  • diced fruits stored in juice (not syrup)

Portions meet CACFP requirements for 3 to 7 years olds. Six ounces of milk is required with each meal. This menu contains no pork or peanut products. Vegetarian meals contain no beef or poultry.

Fairfax Foodservice and Caterers
PO Box 418
Newington, VA 22122


  • Catering Menu