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Meet Our Families

Preschool Family

Dan - Restaurant Owner & Father of Jordan, Chase, Braden, & Ryan

"When my 8 year-old was born, she went to another place. In the morning, they’d put her in the swing and when I came back at night, she’d be in the swing. It just didn’t sit right with me.
I toured BeanTree before it even opened. The kids are moving all day. They change classes every 30 minutes.
There is a higher price tag but you get what you pay for.
Each director knows me by name. All the teachers know all my kids. This is a family environment.
For example, the teachers here are degreed.
This place is also structured. The organization, the people, the way they operate BeanTree; they are all on the same page.
We started each of our toddlers here. They helped us with potty training.
Now, the BeanTree buses come and pick-up my older kids for after school care. Teachers drive the bus. I can trust them to drive my child.
In the summer, they come to camp here.
But, it’s the people here. They are the most important thing. They make the difference.

The best part about BeanTree is… my kids love it!"

Dawn - Neuropsychologist & Mother of Josh & Nick

“We’ve been coming to BeanTree for three years. We were having a horrible experience in the 4-year-old room at another place. When we raised issues, they weren’t responsive.
We looked at 30 places in Northern Virginia. When we came in here, we knew.
I didn’t know how we were going to afford it, but I knew we had to make it happen. I can see where the money is going.
The physical environment is so stimulating. There are high expectations and very low staff turnover.
Now, my older child comes to after school care. He asks to come so he can see his friends. Ms. Lisa picks him up and takes care of him like he’s her own.
I walk out the door and feel 100% comfortable. At the other school, I called twice a day.
We love it here! In fact, we’re paying for kindergarten so my younger son can stay for one more year."

Pallavi - IT Professional & Mother of Eashan & Meha

"In 2008, we relocated to North Virginia. We were both working so we needed child care. Nothing in the area came close to BeanTree. I was losing hope of finding someplace with a quality of care I wanted, cleanliness and type of instruction I expected. Then I found BeanTree. It’s quite a ways away from where we live.
When I arrived, I was greeted by the director who was very welcoming. My eyes fell upon the screens.
I could sense that the atmosphere is very open. The area is very clean. The teachers are very friendly.
I really liked the curriculum. The kids are allowed to participate in art, music, language and technology.
I know the children are not stuck in one room all day doing the same things. There’s a variety of activities so they won’t get bored. They’ll always find themselves challenged.
I came home and said to my husband, 'Don’t ask how much it costs but this is where we’re going.'
This is family and we’re invested in it.
Your children will really be happy at BeanTree."

Donja - Project Manager & Mother of Myles & Mason

"Why did I choose BeanTree? It’s really simple. I work and I needed complete peace of mind.
Every teacher I’ve encountered truly loves kids. I have seen and experienced their sincere love and care. They are not here for a job. They are here because they love and care about what they do.
The facility is state-of-the-art. The separate gym, art room, music room and tech lab. The space in the building was clearly designed with each age group in mind. The cleanliness is paramount.
The consistency, level of care and staff have met my expectations. I appreciate the service that’s provided at BeanTree.
If I’m going to leave my baby every day to go to a pretty demanding job, I don’t want to have to worry. I want to know that someone is watching to see if he’s coughing a little bit more.
At BeanTree, the level of learning and service is outstanding."

Jennifer - Federal Employee & Mother of Sean & Cameron

"BeanTree is the second school we saw. As soon as we came in, we were blown away. Everyone was so happy.
BeanTree truly is part of the family. They see our kids more than we do.
We had to ask: Who’s going to help us raise our kids? Who’s going to partner with us? When we picked BeanTree, we picked a second parent.
It was a big decision and we made the right one. We love it here!
We haven’t had any big problems, just small ones. And when they come up, I can talk to the directors and they handle it like a snap.
The teachers stay here because they care. My second child is having the same teachers my oldest one had – more than two years ago! That just doesn’t happen in daycare.
BeanTree has spoiled us.
When we had our second child, we struggled with how we could pay for it. But, we did it. We made sacrifices so they could come here.
My kids love it here! My 4-year-old loves coming to school. When my 1-year-old sees his teachers, he lights up.
When I go to work, I don’t have to worry. It’s like leaving my kids with family."