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Safe Learning Environment

Safety & Health

Our children’s safety begins at the front door, where a biometric fingerprint reader is used to authorize entrance for parents and staff members.

Every classroom, gymnasium, outdoor play area, and stage are equipped with video cameras. The cameras may be viewed live and also record several days worth of content. At BeanTree Learning, monitors are located in the Welcome Area. New parents often stop to watch their children, surprised at how quickly they transition and begin playing with their new friends.

To help ensure safety, easily accessed and strategically placed panic buttons are hard-wired to the local police station. On a very practical level, each classroom and outdoor playscape is equipped with a call box and an intercom so educators can always call for assistance as soon as they need it.

All members of our Leadership Team, Lead Teachers, and Bus Drivers, are MAT (Medication Administration Training) certified, and we have a specific locked cabinet for medications and medical supplies. We provide CPR and First Aid training for our educators and Leadership Team twice each year.

If ever your child is injured at BeanTree, whether it is a little scrape or a big bump, you can expect a phone call from a member of the leadership team explaining what happened, how it was treated, and any follow-up that might need to occur.

Food allergies are a serious concern for so many families – and for each of us. Our BeanTree Campus are nut-free facilities. We offer a separate refrigerator where parents can store food for their children with severe allergy concerns, and we have been trained in the use of EpiPen injectors. We have several policies and procedures outlining our commitment to keeping your children safe.

These include our:
  • Health & Safety Plan
  • Nut-Free Policy
  • Food Allergy Management & Prevention Plan
  • Environmental Policy
  • Food Safety Policy
  • Asthma Action Plan
  • Emergency Care Plan