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Welcome Area

Preschool Welcoming AreaThe Welcome Area is just that – an area for families to be welcomed to BeanTree and an area where families greet one another. A biometric fingerprint reader is used to authorize entrance for parents and staff members, ensuring each child’s safety.

The partnership between staff and families begins at the front door. Once inside, a member of the director team will greet you by name. Members from the leadership team answer the phones and greet every person at the front door. It is this incredible partnership that helps to define the sense of family you will see throughout the school.

Upon entering BeanTree, you will find a coffee bar and cozy lounge where parents can grab a cup of coffee to go or sit and chat with another parent or director. In the afternoon, each child knows to stop at the coffee table to grab a take home snack. Every parent knows this snack bag might be the little energy boost a child needs to avoid a pre-dinner meltdown!

Leaving the Welcome Area, many children stop to check on the exotic fish that are at home in their aquarium. Mounted into the wall is a large 250-gallon salt water tank - home for many colorful fish named by the children. Even the youngest babies, who stop here on their buggy ride each day, are fascinated by the fish, hermit crabs, snails, and other living creatures that perform for them each day.