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Traveling Through Campus

Multiple Classroom Experiences

One of the foundations of BeanTree Learning is providing children with the opportunity to move throughout the campus every thirty minutes after they have begun walking on their own.
“Who spends all their day cooped up in one room in their own house?”
asks BeanTree founder, Jennifer Bower.
“Why do we expect our young students to stay in one room all day long?”
Each child has one classroom that serves as a home base. There, they have a cubby basket or hook for their personal items and an art bin where parents can gather their child’s latest art creations. Children in each classroom are divided into smaller “family groups” that travel together, maintaining strict teacher/student ratios at all times.On a daily basis, most children can expect to visit:
  • The Global Courtyard in the center of our campus.
  • The Olympia Gym for indoor play where they develop gross motor and social skills.
  • The Art Studio, where they participate in hands-on art activities, refining those very important fine motor skills. Older children also learn about art history and create related projects.
  • The Music Hall for making music, enjoying dance, and learning about rhythms and instruments.
  • The Literacy Loft, where they learn Spanish through immersion, songs, and exciting hands-on activities.
  • The Tech Hub, where they learn about computers and use computer programs to help learn critical technology skills for the 21st century.
  • Outdoor Playscapes. Each classroom has a developmentally appropriate playground adjacent to the classroom.
Based on the ages and stages of different groups, children might also spend time in:
  • The Pagoda Theater, playing in the indoor sandbox, acting out a story, or just relaxing in this cozy space.
  • The International Market & Café, which is filled with café tables and grocery store items from around the world. This space is used to help develop math skills like sorting by color and adding groups of items and social skills like saying “please” and “thank you.”
  • The Atlantis Waterpark. This splashpad and sprinkler-filled waterpark is attached to the Main Playscape and cools children off on hot summer days.
  • The Campus Garden, where each classroom has its own garden plot. The children plan the garden, prepare the soil, plant, weed, harvest, and enjoy the fruits of their labors—literally!