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Outdoor Playscapes

Private Playground at Preschool
Toddlers and five years old are different. They play in different ways, their classrooms have different activities, and their playgrounds should reflect their different physical abilities and interests.

Recess at a Private PreschoolWe specifically designed an Outdoor Playscape for each developmental stage. With over 16,000 square feet of playgrounds, these spacious areas allow children ample room to run around and play with their friends. There are climbing structures, sandboxes, and many toys on which to ride. A six-foot white vinyl fence – free from splinters for little fingers - ensures safety and provides security and privacy.
Preschoolers at recess

During the weeks of spring and summer, children also tend to their Campus Garden, where the children cultivate their own plants, flowers, herbs, and organic fruits and vegetables. In the summer, many students are eager to cool off during their visit to The Atlantis Waterpark on the BeanTree Campus.