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International Market & Café

International Market & Café With child-sized café tables, dishes, utensils, kitchen appliances, a cash register, and an abundance of wooden fruits, vegetables, breads, and many more items, children are always excited to go to Café! They are captivated by this magical room that seems almost too good to be true. From an educator’s standpoint, this room brings math to life in a way most teachers can only dream of!

Math skills are fostered as children purchase oranges, eggs, or exciting foods from around the world. Young students learn important sorting and counting skills that lead to their success in other cognitive areas. Social skills are developed as they sit at an “outdoor” café table or shop together with a friend.

Curriculum is easily implemented when a teacher gathers with small groups of her students in this warm, inviting space. This is one more space on the BeanTree Campus where children have so much fun – they may not realize that they are learning, but we certainly do!