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Handwriting in Kindergarten Proud Kindergarten Parent

Private Kindergarten

For kindergarten students, the world is their playground. With the help of their incredible teachers, the children find that there is much to discover and so much to learn and explore. Unlike young preschoolers, kindergartners have a longer attention span in which to do their research and master their skills. Recently, as they studied life cycles, the students asked to have ladybugs and butterflies in their classroom. Responding to their students’ interest, the teachers added a second week to this theme and, of course, brought in the requested insects! In the Kindergarten Classroom, there are numerous opportunities for multi-day projects. With the excitement of these young learners and their ability to focus for longer periods of time, the options are limitless!

In our accredited kindergarten program in Northern VA, students continue to attend art, Spanish, technology, and music classes on a regular basis and they go on exciting field trips each month in keeping with the curriculum theme. Occasionally, students are given homework to allow parents an opportunity to help their children develop skills. Homework also gives parents the opportunity to experience with their child what they are doing in the classroom. Portfolios are kept for each child with samples of their work. In addition, report cards and evaluations are given on a semi-annual basis.

We offer a full-day private kindergarten program at both BeanTree Learning campuses serving Ashburn, Chantilly, and the surrounding areas of Northern Virginia.

Kindergarten Graduates

Curriculum Objectives:

Literacy - Reading:
  • Understanding how print is organized and read
  • Developing an understanding of phonetics
  • Retelling familiar stories with a beginning, middle, and end

Literacy – Writing:
  • Printing upper and lowercase letters and numbers
  • Drawing pictures and using phonetically spelled words for descriptions
  • Writing from left to right and up to down on a page

Language Arts – Oral Language:
  • Researching a topic, creating a poster, and presenting it to the class
  • Performing a class play
  • Recognizing rhyming words and generating rhyming patterns

  • Planning and conducting experiments
  • Understanding the different forms of water
  • Comprehending life cycles

Social Studies:
  • Recognizing the concept of history and identifying other time periods
  • Knowing the Pledge of Allegiance and that the President is the leader of the United States
  • Using maps and understanding north, south, east, and west

Physical Education & Health:
  • Knowing the five senses and major body parts
  • Understanding the difference between being sick and being healthy
  • Demonstrating self-care skills

Math activities include:
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Economics – the value of money, the difference between wants and needs
  • Telling time

Art activities include:
  • Creating scenery for a class play
  • Working on one project over several days
  • Continuing with the study of art history

Music activities include:
  • Studying different genres of music
  • Identifying basic elements of musical theory
  • Learning different dances and instruments

Spanish activities include:
  • Answering the teacher in Spanish
  • Learning more vocabulary, including adjectives
  • Analyzing sentence structures

Kindergarten technology activities include:
  • Creating group projects in PowerPoint and charts in Excel
  • Using the keyboard correctly
  • Exploring common technology such as telescopes, digital cameras, and GPS

Social/Emotional activities include:
  • Developing social skills like being empathetic, responsible, and inclusive
  • Collaborating with others
  • Taking turns filling roles in the classroom like line leader