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Private Elementary School | First, Second, & Third Grade

Experiencing first, second, and third grades in Ashburn and Chantilly, VA at BeanTree is truly special!

Our private elementary school teachers that are professional, degreed, and experienced. They understand that not all children learn the same way or at the same pace. We provide small class sizes and ample materials and supplies, allowing our teachers the time and flexibility to create lesson plans that are not "one-size fits all." Teachers differentiate their instruction to meet the learning styles of every student, thereby providing tailored lessons to teach your child in the manner that they learn best. This allows your student the ability to grow and learn at their own pace and style, maximizing their fullest learning potential.

Our AdvancEd accredited curriculum is structured with a balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. We provide a well-rounded private elementary program that includes reading, writing, math, science, STEAM, social studies, and physical education, as well as fully integrated activities in character development, foreign language, art, music, and technology. We provide authentic assessments to give your child an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in multi-faceted ways, instead of administering rigid standardized tests.

As a BeanTree Graduate, your child will continue on in their educational career as a well prepared and confident student, ready to tackle their next academic adventure!

Program Overview

Curriculum Summary