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Toddlers Early Learning Program

Approximately 16-24 months old

Enriching Learning Environment for ToddlersSimply enter the Toddler Program and you can feel the energy of these wide-eyed children. You can hear the excitement in the voices of children who are beginning to ask questions, describe what they see, and express their own desires. They are enjoying their new found independence. “No, thank you!” is a favorite phrase! Their day has a bit more structure with circle time, where they learn colors, numbers, and sing many songs. These toddlers are building strong bonds with their teachers and their friends and are eager to greet all by name!

The Toddler Room is divided into three sections – two larger areas for play and one for eating and fun, along with a section just for messy art activities. The children travel throughout the day in groups of ten children with two adults, providing a Toddler to Teacher ratio of 5:1. Toddlers, like their friends in the Young Toddler Program, enjoy mealtime, nap time, circle time, and trips to the Active Arts Studio, Pagoda Theater, Outdoor Playscape, Buggy Rides, and Olympia Gym.


Cognitive activities include:
  • Repeating songs
  • Identifying colors and animals
  • Counting in English and Spanish
Language activities include:
  • Repeating flannel board stories
  • Stringing together 2 and 3 word sentences
  • Acting out stories like “The Three Little Pigs”
Fine motor activities include:
  • Fitting objects together like nesting cups
  • Dumping and refilling anything they can get their hands on
  • Turning the pages of a book
Gross motor activities include:
  • Dancing with scarves
  • Jumping with two feet
  • Riding a tricycle
Social/emotional activities include:
  • Taking turns - we have many duplicate toys because this is a hard skill to learn!
  • Mimicking and copying others
  • Making silly faces

We look forward to helping your independent toddler begin their preschool experience.