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Preschool l

Approximately 3 Years of Age

Educational Preschool Program

Preschool I students are passionate in all they do! They are eager to learn academically and so excited to begin writing their names. Their speech is intelligible. They are quick to reiterate a phrase from their teacher or imitate a situation they witnessed. In a conversation with a Preschool I student, you will never be quite sure what is going to come out of their mouths! Their imaginations are wild… and fun!

Preschool I children move together in groups of 8 with 1 teacher. All Preschool I teachers have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Our preschool program in Northern VA is ideal for busy parents who want their child to experience lots of different types of activities. In the Preschool I Program, there is a significant change – the introduction of a reading program.


Cognitive activities include:
  • Reviewing the weather, days of the week, months of the year, and birthdays in Circle Time
  • Recognizing letters and their corresponding sounds
  • Comparing and contrasting items
Language activities include:
  • Sequencing activities like “First, you plant a seed. Then, you water it. Then it grows.”
  • Enjoying different genres of literature – poetry, fiction, non-fiction
  • Speaking in front of their friends during “Show and Share”
Fine motor activities include:
  • Learning to hold a pencil or crayon correctly
  • Connecting circles and lines together to make squares and letters
  • Placing pegs in a pegboard
Gross motor activities include:
  • Skipping and galloping – how fun!
  • Completing obstacle courses
  • Throwing and catching balls
Social/emotional activities include:
  • Dressing-up for pretend play
  • Playing cooperative games like “Duck-Duck-Goose”
  • Creating and following rules during play
Art activities include:
  • Using different media such as clay, paint, and charcoal
  • Making masks
  • Studying art history and then creating artwork in a similar style
Music activities include:
  • Playing the drum and xylophone
  • Learning the difference between long and short notes
  • Singing and moving to the music
Spanish activities include:
  • Having Circle Time and talking about the day’s weather in Spanish
  • Creating crafts and singing songs
  • Learning new vocabulary words each day
Technology activities include:
  • Using the Kid Pix graphic design program
  • Playing games related to the week’s theme
  • Mastering pointing and clicking

Which of these activities do you think your preschooler will enjoy the most?