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Private PreKindergarten

Approximately Age 4 Until Start of Kindergarten

Private PreKindergarten Program
PreKindergarten programs in Northern Virginia is where our young students are intrinsically motivated to learn. Their academic curiosity is amazing! They are developing skills that they will use throughout their lives, such as reading and arithmetic. They are excited to be at school and to share all that they are learning. While these children are still depending on the grown-ups in their lives for some things, they are so proud to show off all the things they CAN do by themselves. They adore their teachers. Their teachers are grateful for the opportunity to encourage these students in developing a love for learning that will last a lifetime! PreKindergarten students move in a group of 10 children with 1 teacher.

On a daily basis in our Northern Virginia Pre-K Program, we spend time developing academic skills in math, literacy, writing, reading, social studies, and science. We feel this best suits our prekindergarten classes in Northern Virginia so they are prepared for their next big step - Kindergarten!


Cognitive activities include:
  • Counting with and learning the value of coins
  • Forming hypotheses in experiments
  • Giving oral presentations
Language activities include:
  • Answering “What if…” questions
  • Following directions that involve three or four steps
  • Finding sight words
Fine motor activities include:
  • Writing a book
  • Drawing shapes and coloring them in
  • Putting together a large floor puzzle
Gross motor activities include:
  • Climbing
  • Dribbling a ball
  • Playing team sports like kickball
Social/emotional activities include:
  • Assisting others
  • Learning how to formulate questions and class rules
  • Playing board games
Art activities include:
  • Exploring different techniques, like painting with different tools
  • Discussing art – how it can make you feel, what you think about
  • Comparing and contrasting different artists and styles
Music activities include:
  • Playing more instruments like bells
  • Learning about and practicing pitches and dynamics
  • Exploring how different music makes you feel
Spanish activities include:
  • Exploring different cultures and countries that speak Spanish
  • Creating storyboards
  • Beginning to write
Technology activities include:
  • Using Microsoft Office
  • Conducting research on the theme’s topic – for example, during “zoo” week, visiting the National Zoo’s website
  • Using the Kid Pix graphic design program to create a new ending for a story

What do you think will capture your preschooler's curiosity?

Schedule a tour with us to see if BeanTree's Pre-K program in Northern Virginia is a fit for your young learner and your family.