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Approximately 6 weeks to 12 months

Nurturing and Loving Infant Environment These little ones are so precious to BeanTree. For many first-time parents, the thought of taking your newborn baby to school is overwhelming. Rest assured that BeanTree’s loving and experienced teachers will help you and your baby through the process. Throughout your baby’s adventure at BeanTree, we will be there every step of the way to answer questions, communicate with you about your baby’s progress, and provide the most loving, nurturing environment you can imagine.

The Infant Nursery Room

The Infant Room is divided into these three independent sections by each baby’s mobility.
  • The first section is for the youngest babies who are not yet mobile. Babies as young as six weeks old can attend BeanTree.
  • The second section is for babies who are sitting up and rolling over on their own.
  • The third section is for babies for who are crawling, pulling themselves up, and taking those first tentative steps
We know that babies’ basic needs must be met first. Each infant is lovingly cared for while they are kept clean, fed, and happy. In addition to these basic needs, BeanTree is committed to presenting these littlest ones with opportunities to learn through exploration while developing new skills in the process.

We place a great deal of importance on the cleanliness and safety of our Infant Program. Older children, including siblings, are not allowed in the Infant Room. Parents or caregivers entering any of the sections must put on shoe covers to keep our babies’ play space as clean and sanitary as possible. Each toy is sanitized when a child is through playing with it.

We do everything we can to make it easy for parents to bring their youngest ones to school. Tuition includes diapers and diapering supplies (such as wipes and ointment), bibs, blankets, bowls, spoons, etc. All you need to provide are your baby’s bottles and infant food, as well as a few changes of clothing for those messier days. There is also a dedicated space separate from where the babies play for parents to leave car seats each morning.

Each baby has his or her own cubby basket in which to keep extra clothes, pacifiers, or other personal items.
At pick-up, each parent receives a hand-written Daily Detail sheet personalized for his or her baby. This includes a “From Home” section where parents give our teachers information about their baby’s morning at drop-off (e.g. were any medications given, when was her last bottle, etc.) and an area for teachers to complete during the day that includes activities their baby loved, meals, naps, and diapers.

The Infant to Teacher ratio in our Infant Program is 3:1.

We look forward to nurturing your baby and helping your little one develop into a young toddler.