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Early Learning Program

Enriching Childhood Learning Environment

Learning begins with relationships: relationships between people and relationships between students and their environment. We value both of these relationships.

Our teachers promote hands-on learning by creating experiences where students can interact with their environment. Every classroom and outside playscape is created to help children master specific skills. At BeanTree, students are active participants in their learning. We make sure there are boundless opportunities in which they can play and learn.

Our environment is carefully designed to be enriching, offering rich resources to develop children in the following areas – cognitive, speech and language, fine motor, gross motor, and social/emotional. What makes our implementation unique is our teachers. BeanTree teachers are just that – teachers. Teaching is their passion and their lifetime career choice. At all times, you will find them actively involved and participating in the creative lessons they have planned.

During Cinco de Mayo, you will find our Spanish teacher actively engaging each child by introducing the culture through a mock celebration with sombreros atop their heads and all the ingredients for guacamole!

When learning about currency and coins in PreKindergarten, you will see a lemonade stand on a rolling cart pushed by the children around the courtyard, offering homemade lemonade to teachers and directors while the children count out the correct change for each ‘customer’.

Age-appropriate Developmental Assessments are used to carefully craft meaningful and targeted activities based on the skill level of each child. These assessments are not just a reflection of a child’s abilities at one point in time, but rather an ongoing tool that teachers refer to each day to customize their curriculum lesson plans.