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Assessing Early Childhood Learning

At BeanTree, we know each of our children. We are committed to helping them discover who they are, build upon their strengths, and develop areas that may need more help. We also value the relationships with each child’s parents. We want to keep parents informed about their children’s development, and when necessary, get parents’ support by asking you to practice skills at home.

Daily Detail Sheets

Each day, teachers complete a hand-written Daily Detail sheet for each student. Information on meals, naps, diapering and potty times, and classroom activities are included. As children grow, teachers also include more detailed information on different developmental activities and how each child responded to those activities. The Daily Detail sheet ends with “Special Notes” or “Ask Me About…” where parents are given topics that make it easier for them to engage in conversation with their child about the day.

Developmental Assessments

Developmental Assessments are conducted three times per year. These detailed checklists provide an overview of the different developmental areas and are comparable to report cards. Areas of growth or concern become easy to identify. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held soon after developmental assessments are sent to parents. This is an important time for uninterrupted conversation between parents and their child’s teacher, where sharing information regarding accomplishments and potential areas for additional help takes place.


Beginning at enrollment, a Portfolio is begun for each child. Samples of your child’s work is kept throughout the year and dated. When she transitions from one class to another, the Portfolio goes as well—and it is easy to see just how much she has grown and learned!

Through Daily Details, Developmental Assessments, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and Portfolios, it is easy to follow, understand and support the development of your child.