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Teacher-Guided Play Opportunities

BeanTree is a privately owned school serving students from six weeks old through Private Kindergarten with an After School and Summer Camp Program through age twelve.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on providing students with the opportunities, tools, and environment needed to become and remain confident, happy, and active participants in their ongoing adventures in learning.

Our Independent Elementary Learning Environment

Every child in the building belongs to every teacher in the building. We love them like they are our own. Each classroom is unique. Students transition to the next class when they are developmentally ready; it is not based solely on a child’s age.

In deciding when to transition, we consider each child’s development in the following areas: social/emotional, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and language.

Hear What Parents Say About BeanTree

We believe:

  • Children learn best, and more naturally, through interactive, experiential activities and through both self-guided and teacher-guided play opportunities.

  • A child’s learning should focus on experiences rather than results of the experiences. Our program focuses on the process of learning, while recognizing and celebrating each child’s efforts and determination rather than results.

  • Children require a safe, secure, healthy, and loving environment in which to learn and develop. In this environment, children will become independent and successful, learning to creatively solve problems and confidently express their ideas and feelings.

  • Play is a critical factor in all facets of a young child’s development. Developmentally appropriate practices, along with differentiated learning opportunities, ensure that the children are continually engaged and intellectually challenged, and allow maximum opportunities for both planned and spontaneous learning. These include a combination of active outdoor play, imaginative games, independent discovery, direct instruction, and group activities.

Our Teachers, Parents, & Inclusive Environment:

  • Qualified, professional, and nurturing teachers are the cornerstone of a child’s success. Recruiting and retaining exceptional teachers depends on exemplary hiring practices, ongoing and quality professional training experiences, exceptional benefit programs and incentives, constructive and ongoing developmental coaching and dialogue, and availability of resources and materials for teaching.

  • Children benefit from a diverse and inclusive environment in which all children are accepted and treated with respect and dignity, and the uniqueness of each child is acknowledged, appreciated, and celebrated.

  • A partnership between parents and school in which there is clear and open communication, mutual respect, and ongoing collaboration regarding a child’s strengths, challenges, and successes, provides the most beneficial learning environment for children.